Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Berry Bitty City.

Soooo,last year for Christmas,Santa (AKA Gigi),bought the girls a train table.

Julianna loved it,but it became pretty obvious that keeping the track intact was going to be nearly impossible. Tillie the tornado was tearing it up faster than we could put it together. So,we just left it,and they played with cars and trains on it for a while.

Around Christmas,I had an idea to turn the table over to the other side,and paint it to look like strawberry shortcake's city. Our girls are obsessed with ALL things strawberry shortcake,and we have so many pieces now.

We were so busy,that the idea got shelved,and I kind of put it out of my head.

Much to my surprise,Erik decided to adopt the idea and get to work.

He worked so hard on this project,even taking it work and doing it on his breaks. The girls love it so much,and darn it,I think he did such a great job!

He was trying to get it dry faster with the blowdryer. Also,he just likes the sound of the blowdryer,so he runs it whenever possible. Annnnd,now you know something about Erik you didn't know before. You're welcome.
Here is it. Adorable. There's a little spot for strawberry shortcake,lemon meringue,plum pudding,rasberry torte,and blueberry muffin. We have all the characters,so they each needed a space.
We set up all the big pieces for the girls to see the next morning,and they loved it. We have a big plastic box full of accesories,but I like to keep those put up unless they're playing with them.

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Gigi said...

Great job Erik! You may have to make one for Minnie Mouse next. ;)