Monday, December 26, 2011

A quick visit.

So,after Gigi left on Sunday,Erik and I packed the kids up,and headed out on Monday morning! It was slightly impromptu,but we felt that we needed to go see some of Erik's family. Our biggest obstacle was picking the perfect time to drive through Atlanta. If you've ever driven through there,you know it's crazy ridiculous..ALL the time. So,we left our house in hopes of sliding through around 10am. It worked! 10 am is the time to go during the week. :)

We got to Erik's sister Tracy's house around 3:00,and the fun began. My SIL has been suffering some serious health problems,and I was so happy to just spend some time with her. On Tuesday night,we headed 45 minutes away from Charlotte area to see Erik's dad. We had a nice visit,complete with spaghetti dinner and a few presents. :)

Pappy and the girls. He had a little cold,so he was wearing his mask.
Erik and his dad.
Erik's stepsister Amber. This little cutie is 17 years old! I can hardly believe it. When Erik and I met her,she was 5 years old. FIVE. She was just a bucktooth little firecracker who LOVED Erik to death. Truth is,she still does.
They have a special relationship,it's so neat to watch her grow up.
Amber and her boyfriend Tyler. He's a cutie,and seems like such a nice guy. You can tell someone else fell for him while we were there. ;o)

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