Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quick visit PT.2

On Wednesday,we had a big day planned. Erik's mom was coming down from Raleigh to spend the day with us. But wait,there's more! My SIL told us that Erik's grandparents,Mema and Grand-daddy decided to hop in the car and come down,too. How special. Mema will be 93 years old soon,and so getting around isn't very easy for her. What a blessing that they chose to drive down and spend the day with us. It meant so much! I spent much of the day cooking,even more of the day eating,and just loving on our family. :)

Sweet Tillie wallered her great grandparents to death. I know they were worn silly when they left. ;o)
The spread. We had some GOOD food. I mean. Also,does anyone noticed how fat my guy looks? I actually deleted a few pictures because by the end of the day,I looked 6 months pregnant from eating so much. I'm embarrassed.
Erik and his mom. The girls call her 'Nonna'.
Julianna read some stories to M & G. I love these pictures!!
These girls don't even realize what a gift it is to have great-grandparents,but it sure is a blessing. Erik and I just soaked it all up.
By the end of the day,we were quite exhausted. It was such a precious time of visiting. We left early Thursday morning so we could get home for our Christmas preparations. I'm so thankful for the short time we had. The Lord has certainly blessed us.

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