Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 1 Update

Actually,it's been about 10 days,buuuut..let's just go with a week.

So,a few things. I really love our house,it's very spacious,and now that I've put things on the walls,it feels like 'home'.

One thing I do not like is that there are no playgrounds out here. Living on post,you could walk any direction and find a swing set close by. So,I really miss that. The weather here is really warm,it reminds me a lot of Florida. The girls could wear shorts and t-shirts every day,but we're going with short sleeves and leggings,because I'm not pulling out the shorts,even if it is 80 degrees. *hmmph*

Our neighborhood is very quiet. I KNOW there are other stay at home moms with young kids,I just haven't found them yet! Ok,well I found one. I saw her walking out with her 2 little ones,and I considered following her home to ask her if she wanted to play..I mean,if the kids wanted to play,but I contained myself.

Now,I just stalk her house,walking by it very slowly during our morning walk to see if they might be outside. No luck yet. ;o)

I'm a creepster. Movin' on.

We visited a new church this Sunday. It was another rough morning. Julianna peed her pants (totally our fault),Matilda peed her pants (she's a fatbaby,not taking the blame),and there was some general crabbiness. Erik said,what's going on this morning? I said,well,the devil would like to keep us out of the House of God this morning,and we have to purpose not to let that happen. I started singing Victory in Jesus (loudly),and that seemed to do the trick.

Sometimes you have to remind Satan that Jesus has already won.

So,the church is in a Elementary School right down the street from our house. It's a church plant from a mega church in our city. It's a very contemporary set up. (Dad- it was pretty much exactly like Summit). We had a few concerns about it,but we did have a chance to talk with the pastor,and he did let us know that they are a new plant (only 6 months in),and they are an emerging missional church. We like the sound of that,but my concerns are:
1) There are no programs for kids outside of Sunday morning. No AWANA's,Mission Friends.
2) There are no Wednesday night services,only community groups held at church member homes.
3)No one talked to us. Boo on that. We needed to see a friendly face.

So,this week we're going to try something new. Our way of deciding where we're going is to put the names of churches we're interested in,in a hat,pray over them,and pick one. ;)

Who knows where we'll end up this week. I'm staying positive,and trusting that the Lord is working on our behalf,even though we can't see it.

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Dad said...

HE IS always working behind the scenes with our best interests in mind!