Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's November?

Good grief! I can hardly believe we're into November already. October is one of my favorite months,but this one went by so fast!

The family and I are settled into our new home in Alabama.

the girls and I drove down on Saturday. It was around 8 hours,and the drive was perfect. We only had to stop once to eat/potty,and the weather couldn't have been better. That was a huge blessing,as that's the first time I've driven that far with both kids.

Erik had already unpacked,and everything was set up. I was so proud of him for getting everything taken care of. All we had to do was come in and unpack our clothes from the trip. That was SO awesome. I did have to make some changes in the house,because the kitchen wasn't functional to my needs. Mostly,it was perfect. We've been working on getting our pictures and decor up,which Erik left for me,and I appreciate.

Erik will be signing into post tomorrow to start in-processing the post,and then they will usually grant the soldier 10 days of TDY to settle the family in. Also,it's Veteran's Day this weekend,so we're not sure how it will all work out. We're both anxious for him to start his new job,and see how he likes it. Being in a teaching position (if that's what he will be doing),is so new to us.

The girls really like the house,and neighborhood so far. We have a little girl on each side of us,and one across the street,and they have already made a home in our yard after school. We intended to make it to church Sunday,but we got there at 11:00,and church started at 10:30. By the time we would have gotten the kids settled in nursery/children's church,it would have been over. Can I just say how disappointing that was?? I almost cried,but didn't because Julianna was already so upset I didn't want to make it worse. Now we know,though,and will be at church ON time. Take that,devil!

I'm still working on getting my daily routine worked out,and..learning to be content at home. I don't think I'll be running around as much living here. :)

Pics coming soon (have to hang a few things,and my camera battery is charging up.)

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DAD said...

Thanks for the update . .you got it goin on GIRL!