Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hanging out at Gigi's!

So,the gang and I made it to North Carolina on Saturday afternoon. It was quite a long ride.

The night before we left,we went to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner. We hadn't been there for 2 1/2 years! The last time we went to Olive Garden was in May 2009 and Erik got very sick. I remember taking him to the ER 3 times before he got the slightest bit better. So,needless to say,I haven't bothered to ask him to go back. However,it was my birthday,and we were in the middle of a move,so I thought he might bend. Anyway,the food was delish,and he surprised me with a cake! However,about 2 hours after Tillie went to bed, she woke up having some stomach troubles..and vomited 7-8 times. Ugh. In a tiny hotel room. It was special,to say the least. My mom was such a trooper as we were stripping sheets,and throwing them outside our hotel door.

We didn't get a lot of sleep that night,and got started a wee bit later than we usually do. Then,Julianna started complaining of her stomach hurting 2 hours into the trip. We never,never,never stop before we've driven 4 hours. We've done this trip a million times,and it always goes the same way. But,since she was complaining about it and wouldn't settle down,we stopped to let her use the bathroom. She was fine,but then I started driving,which I usually don't do that early. We stopped for breakfast,and then my mom took over the wheel. She never drives the mountain part,that's all me,so she got a little confused,and took the wrong exit,and we drive 30 miles down highway 81 towards Bristol before we figured out we were going the wrong way. Having to turn around really set us back,not that we were doing well on our time anyway. Then,I ran out of gas,and then stopped one more time because it was taking so long,and the kids needed to be fed again. Like I said,loooooong day. It took us longer than it's ever taken us before,and we've done this trip under worse conditions. I was so happy to pull in the driveway!

So,I'm just hanging out at G's,resting with the kids,and enjoying time with the grandparents. Erik is down in Georgia making some decisions about our housing future. We think we might have a house,but we're not quite there yet.

The housing wait on post wasn't as long as we thought it would be. Over the phone,they were telling us 2-3 months,but when Erik actually put our name on the list,they told us 3 WEEKS. That threw a monkey wrench in our plans,and so we considered just waiting 3 weeks for a house. However,the housing area is on the opposite of the post,and it would take Erik longer to drive there than to the neighborhood we're looking at. He's going to check out the house again in the morning,and then we'll decide for sure.

If we go with the house off post,then Erik will sign the lease,have transportation drop our stuff off,and get the big things set up before he has to start work. Then,he's probably going to fly up and get us,and take us to our new home. If this house doesn't work out,then he might come up here and hang out with us until a post house becomes available.


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