Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost Time!

Welp,it's here. The movers are coming...tomorrow!

The truck and boat are packed up,and Erik's going to get his truck weighed ( I hope we put an extra 1000 pounds on there with the boat and everything).I have to go to the dentist,bank,gas station and Valvoline to get my oil changed.

We're making a new list of houses for Erik to check out when he goes back to GA this weekend. I hope he finds something quickly! I know the Lord is at work on our behalf with the housing situation,and we're just waiting on Him to reveal His plans to us.

I've been reading a lot in my Bible this week,and the Lord has been so faithful to comfort me in my worries. In Francis Chan's book Crazy Love,he says 'worry implies that we don't think God is big enough to handle our problems'. That's not an exact quote,but the jist is the same. So,I've been trying very hard to relinquish my "worries" to the Lord,and let Him handle it. 1 Peter 5:7 says Cast your cares on Him,for he cares for you. Isn't that an awesome promise?? He cares for ME. Even thought I have done nothing to deserve the amazing love He wants to heap on me! God is so good!

Waiting on Him,

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