Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer Pics!

I finally got my act together by the 3rd soccer game,and took some pics!! For Pre-K,there is no official on the field,and no goalie. I still keep score,and we lost badly at this game. The kids were cute though,and had lots of fun. That's what it's all about!

The Team. We actually had pictures shceduled for before this game,so I was able to snap a quick one. A few kids are missing from this one. Interesting note: Erik's shirt says Coach Williams on the back in silver glitter puff paint. True story.
Here's our little mascot! She has piggytails!!!!!

Erik and Julie splitting the kids up into team A & B to determine who will play what quarter. There are supposed to be 7 kids on the field,but we often do 5 because they tire so quickly,and there's a lot of switching in and out.

Tillie. Who else?

The kids getting ready for kick-off!

Julianna getting to throw the ball in from out of bounds.

Yeah. This happens a lot. I yell at her to get the ball,and she stops mid-field to look at me. Not the ball.

The ball goes out of bounds a LOT,this is what most of the game is.

Coach giving the kids a pep talk,about kicking the ball into the goal.

Get it,Jules!

Throwing it in,don't worry,everyone gets a turn or two!

oh,the game is over,that means it's time for the parents to make a tunnel and yell for the little ones as they run through!

The family! Just a note: I WAY WAY overdressed for this game. It has been cold for 2 days,and so I wore a long sleeve shirt. Bad: I was burning up. Good: I didn't GET burned up. Well,my forehead did,but .. well, look at how big it is. No hope there.

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