Friday, September 23, 2011

A chore chart.

Here's the newest addition to our morning routine. Julianna has a chore chart. Although,it's not as much a chore chart as it is a stay on task chart. I think you can enlarge the picture to see what her actually chores are,but we are on week 3 and she is doing well. Tonight,before she went to bed,I explained to her that starting tomorrow,I want her to wake up and get started on chores without being asked. Our goal is to help her stay focused (her biggest discipline issue). Once she masters something,and it becomes routine,we will take that off,and put something new on there.

Her general morning routine is to fill up Austin & Baylee's food/water dish first,then make bed and take her laundry to the laundry room. After that she eats breakfast,and we try to set a time limit for her to eat (it's generous,about 25 minutes). She is just verrrrrrrry slow and spaced out in the morning,and we're working on being purposeful upon waking. Her chore of the day is different each day,but she cleans baseboards,and empties the silverware from the dishwasher a lot. She enjoys making the check marks,and if she does her tasks for the day,she gets 2 m&ms.

Tillie also has chores,she helps me put the laundry from the washer in the dryer. ;o)

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