Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well,kinda. The girls got new carseats,and a new outlook in the car. :)
Matilda went into Julianna's old Britax Marathon,and got to turn forward facing!! She is loving it.

She looks so little in that big seat!

And my BIG girl Julianna got a booster seat! When did she get so big? :*( She looks so grown up in her new seat,and she absolutely loves it! It was definitely time to move her up. We had to put her back in the 2nd row because of the seatbelt in the 3rd row. We figure this will give us the whole back area for "stuff" when we move next month.
Hey big girl! This morning,the girls tried out the seats on the way to church,and they held hands. How sweet. I love these little gals!

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