Saturday, June 4, 2011

School Set Up

All right,here's a little information on how I set up Julianna's work for the week. Right now,we're on a relaxed Summer schedule. We're only doing phonics,reading and crafts. We'll start back around August 1st with K4. I still haven't 100% decided what I want to do,but I have a little time to decide.

This is my original "station". As you can see,the top of my desk was pretty full. I needed somewhere new to store my stuff.

Enter the shelf. I picked this up for 10 bucks at the Youth Auction our church had. It's perfect,exactly what I was looking for. Now,I have lots of room to store supplies. Oh,and the best part is that it's in the laundry room,and I can shut the door so Tornado Till can't get in there.

I try to plan out a week at a time. I usually get out all the books I'm pulling from,and then cut out what I need for a week. I think I was also feeding Julianna lunch and dusting. What can I say? I'm a multitasker. I keep all the books we're using in the purple magazine holder,so I don't get confused.
I like books with perforated edges,but this particular math book had to be cut to fit in the notebook.

And,after I get everything ready,it goes in my notebook. I got this for free (even the folder tabs) from a friend who had a big box of stuff going to Goodwill. I dug through it for a few things. I love free. This is the best system for us. I just pull out the notebook,and go through each folder. Right now,we have handwriting,reading (with J's readers in it),phonics (Adventures in Phonics- Christian Liberty press- K),math,memory work,motor skills (dot to dot and mazes),and some various other stuff,like shapes/colors/etc.

It's so much easier to spend 30 minutes prepping what I want to accomplish for the week,rather than pull activities on the fly. Our system might change in August depending on whether I use a boxed set.

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