Monday, June 6, 2011



I guess I missed a day in my month of posting. So sorry about that. We are running full steam ahead. With Summer here,the girls and I are enjoying lots of sunshine and water.

We are expecting Mr. home sometime soon. We are beyond excited about that! I was thinking the other day,and Erik has been deployed about half the year in each of these years: 05,06,08,09,10,11. D'oh. That's a LOT. We miss him.

Here's an interesting conversation I had with Julianna the other day.
We were talking about my belly and why it looks the way it does ( a tiger tried to rip its way out of me..),and so were talking about her and Tillie being in my belly at one time.

J: Do you remember after I was born,and they put me in the cave?
M: Um,what do you mean,what kind of cave?
J: Well,it was like this cave that went all around me,it was over me (at this point,she's making hand motions to show me that it went around her body.)
M: I guess I do. Do you remember being in that cave?
J: Yes!
M: Well,what did you do when you were in there?
J: I cried and cried. I wanted my mommy,but I just cried and cried.
M: Really,who took care of you in the cave?
J: Those doctors did. (Julianna thinks everyone who works at a hospital is a doctor.)

Anyway,so I'm a little weird-ed out by this conversation,because I know I have never talked to Julianna about her time in the NICU. Furthermore,there are no pictures hanging around that she could look at and see this. We don't keep picture albums out for her to look through,either. It's just weird. I seriously hope she doesn't remember that. However,she's right,she was in the incubator,she did cry and cry,and the doctors took care of her. Strange kiddo!

Ok,back on track tomorrow.

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