Thursday, June 16, 2011

The mug shot.

As most of you know from FB,Julianna suffered a "little" injury this week. After a busy morning out getting pictures done,we were headed to DQ for some lunch. Except,when I unbuckled Julianna from her car seat,instead of sliding out of the car like normal,she face planted. Yikes. It was a bloody scene. We got her checked out at the Urgent Care,just because she fell so hard on her head,but she's fine. She looks like a victim of child abuse. It's healing up nicely,though.
Here's the first picture.

She actually asked me to take a new picture of her face the other day. She said she wasn't going to smile. Hardcore.

Oh,and for the record,that's peanut butter from lunch on her left cheek LOL. Now,let's take a poll. Who thinks this child looks just like her daddy? Well,if you didn't raise your hand,then you need some glasses. ;o) She still looks a little abused. I had a doctor appt. today,and I had to run in the bathroom. The nurse volunteered to stand outside with the kids,and when I went in,I heard her whisper to Julianna..honey,what happened to your face? I've been getting some dirty looks at the grocery store and such,too. These kids are making me grey!

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