Friday, June 17, 2011

Just This Once..

I know this is super cheesy,but please,indulge me this one time!

GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! I made it,only by the grace of God!! Oh,I can't praise Him enough today for this victory. God is so faithful,even in the little things.
So,how did I celebrate my loss? Well,we ate breakfast at IHOP. I checked the menu the night before to find something in my calorie range,and I did really well. Then,we were stuck at the mall for 3 hours waiting for my ring to be re-sized and the dog to get groomed,and we ended up at chick-fil-a,were I had a brownie a la mode. FAIL. So,if the scale goes back up tomorrow,I'll always have this to remember.

I guess now I'm in maintenance mode. I'm not writing in the food journal anymore,but I am loosely counting calories in my head. I'm also trying to run/walk 3-4x a week. In fact,I see at least 3 miles in my very near future LOL. Thank you blog readers for all your support. I am so thankful. I guess this is my last official weigh-in,but I'll pop in to talk about how I'm handling life when Erik comes home,and there's a lot more food in the house.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos so good to see all of you as a family again.

Anonymous said...

oh btw Anonymous was Pops haha