Friday, May 27, 2011

A weigh in

Oh boy,I think it's been exactly a month since my last weigh-in! I meant to do these every 2 weeks,but I forgot.

Not a whole lot happening though,the weight is coming off very slowly.

I've added running to my routine,and my goal is 2-3x a week. I found this playground set on a HUGE rectangle of grass. It seems like it's exactly 1/4 mile around. So,I walk the kids to the park (1/4th mile),then walk around it twice at a fast pace (1/2 mile),then go around it 4 times running as much as I can (1 mile),do another 2 laps fast walk (1/2 mile),and then we walk home (1/4th mile). It's a pretty good workout. The stroller is about 32 pounds of baby and stroller,so that's a workout in itself. Each time,I just try to run more than I did the time before. When I started,I could run one SIDE of the rectangle. Now,I can run all the way around it once. Progress!

I think when I set my original goals,I was hoping for 135 by June 1st. Not going to happen. I have about 4 weeks before Erik comes home,and my new goal is 3 pounds by then. :)

SW: 197.8
CW: 140.4

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