Friday, May 20, 2011

So Sorry!

Hey friends!

I certainly didn't mean to be gone for so long. :)

A few weeks ago,I was sitting in my comfy recliner chair,relaxing after the kids went to bed. It's pretty much my favorite time of day!

So,there I was,lounging with my computer,checking things out,when I felt something tickling my arm. Quick check revealed a spider climbing on my arm.

In my haste to get the spider off of me,and onto something else,I flew out of my chair and launched Bessie the laptop across the floor. It landed 4 feet away,and things came flying out/off of it.

The amazing thing is that,after I found and annihilated the spider,I picked it up,snapped it back together,and went back to surfing the interwebs. I thought all was well.

It wasn't. About 48 hours later,Bessie died. However,I didn't have to plan a funeral for her,since I still had my trust warranty from Best Buy. I dropped her off,and she came back about 12 days later with a new hard drive,and a reformatted system.


So,here we are,back in action! I am going to try to do another 28 days of posting. It might just be something short,or a picture even. Sounds good to me. I am very thankful to have my computer back. So,let's get started,shall we?

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