Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Funny

So,the Tillster is getting a little naughty. She's 15 months old,and starting to develop a side of sttitude to go with her red hair. It only makes sense,I suppose.

While my computer was being repaired,I actually had some time to read,and so I skimmed through The New Strong Willed Child by Dr. Dobson.

I came to some conclusions. Julianna isn't quite strong-willed. She's more of a "sneaky" gal. She will obey right away when I ask her to clean up her plate from breakfast.She's supposed to shake the remaining food into the trashcan. She'll drop it in the trashcan and tell me.."because the yogurt wouldn't come off,so I just threw it in there." She will go straight to her bed for nap,and be as quiet as a church mouse. When I go to get her up,I find that she's been playing in the plant in her room,and has smeared dirt all over her windowsill,AND was sticking it in her outlet.


So,I found a few helpful tips for dealing with her (like..ignore the annoying things,only punish disobedience). Also,I thought about my little gal Tillie and think that she may be the real deal on strong willed children. Does this mean anything? Not really. I'm not going to put them in a category for any real purpose,but I enjoyed getting some insight on what I might be facing.

That said..Boo Bear chicken wrap has been introduced to 'time-out'. She's less than impressed with the idea. And,since I took a picture of Julianna the first time she sat in time-out,I had to do the same with Tillie.

I'm not really sure why she doesn't have clothes on?

What'd I do? Hmmph.

I promise to be a good girl face. And thus,time-out lasted 15 seconds,because she is to darn adorable. Sigh.

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