Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A new playroom!

So,while I was without my computer for a few weeks,I tackled some projects.

One of them was to re-decorate the playroom. I like to do this about twice a year,because the kids spend a moderate amount of time in there,and I like to keep it interesting!The best part is that I just buy the supplies at Dollar Tree,and spend about 10$ total. :)

I don't really have before pictures,so I'll just show the finished product.

Left side. I like the "treat" theme for Summer. The yellow poster is my faux bulletin board. I like to have these to hang Julianna's papers on without having them taped all over the wall. I just buy a poster board and pack of borders to make these. I found a book basket at Goodwill and use that to put their "I don't care if they tear these up" books in. Tillie's still learning to be gentle with books. ;o)
Right side. I put some new posters up. These are things Julianna's learning about- vowels,time,etc.
Facing the kitchen. It was REALLY sunny when I was taking these,and I must have had my camera on the wrong setting. They're a little blurry.
The back wall. Hmm,I see something back there along the wall. A cute little redhead looking for trouble,I'm sure.

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