Monday, May 30, 2011

Cooking with kids!

If you're a mom,you've probably had the experience of a helper in the kitchen.

Yes? I thought so.

Julianna loves to help me cook in the kitchen. To be honest,it's a hassle for me. I'd much rather her go find something else to do,but I know how much she enjoys it,so I try to come up with easy things we can work on during [Tillie's] nap time. The other day we made some banana muffins to freeze for breakfast (have I mentioned I love making and freezing things?).

Then,we decided to tackle granola bars. I found this super easy recipe,and so we went for it.

Unfortunately,it didn't quite come out like I hoped. It was way to mushy. I had to end up cutting pieces out of the pan (after it had chilled for 5 hours),rolling it into balls,and then putting them in the freezer. Even being in the freezer overnight,they were mushy. They tasted good,almost like no bake cookies,but I was hoping for grab and go granola bars. We're not giving up,and these are still edible,the girls enjoyed a granola ball with their breakfast this morning.

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