Thursday, February 3, 2011

WI W26


If there was one week I would like to opt out of,this would be it. I knew Erik being here would be really rough on the weight loss front. After all,I was trying to get him to gain a few pounds while he was home,and we were eating whatever he requested. So,you can imagine how that went.

In case you can't,let's go back to last Thursday. On Thursday,we went to Hananoki,a wonderful sushi restaurant for dinner. It was our only date,and we enjoyed it so much. On Friday,we stopped at Subway for lunch. The sandwich was healthy,the cookies..not so much. On Saturday,we spent the morning at the park and then went to a gourmet cupcake place called The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery. Oh my yumminess! Those cupcakes weigh at least a pound,and they are delicious. So,we got 2,and shared them,but still. On Sunday,we went to Dairy Queen for dinner. Now,I eat much better than I used to when we went there,but still,I had to have a little ice cream. THEN,as if all that wasn't bad enough,Monday was a total pig out day!!! We took the girls to Chuckle Cheese in the morning for lunch,and I ate some pepperoni pizza AND apple dessert pizza. Ugh. I was thinking,ok,this is the last hoorah (ha!). Then,Monday night,I asked Erik what he wanted for his last meal,and he said Cracker Barrel. Dang! I didn't see that coming,but he wanted the country fried steak,fried okra and fried apples. I really looked over the menu for something healthy,but in the end,went with the chicken fried chicken,with gravy,with mashed potatoes. There was probably something else fried,but I can't even remember. Onto Tuesday,we had to get up early to take Erik to the airport,and I was kind of upset. On the way home,we went to Wendy's for cheeseburger and fries. So,then we went over to my neighbors house after nap,and she ordered a pizza,cheese bread,and these delicious little apple cinnamon bites. F-A-I-L! Ahhh.

So,now you all see that I am still struggling with overeating/emotional eating. It was really hard writing this all out,but I am here to be accountable and take responsibility. So,there it is. Rough week. My WI wasn't AS bad as I was expecting,but it may take a few days for it all to even out. Which means,it might go up before it goes down.
Weigh In: 158.8 (that's .4 loss from last week,pitiful)

I am on track for a good week,though! Stay tuned for a hopefully 2 pound loss this week!

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