Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Spendin'

First,I have to say that Erik and I were young and very poor when we got married. We are unbelievably thankful that our families pitched in and helped us get enough furniture together to make a "home."

Over the years,we've tried to update here and there,as money allows. Well,this year we decided to make a big splurge on bedroom furniture. We have had a full size bed for 7 years,and thought it was time to get some grown-up furniture ( A queen bed!) :)

After some shopping around,we found something we really liked. We picked a bed with drawers in the bottom because previously we had 3 dressers. Only 2 fit into our (VERY) small bedroom. So,my dresser was in Tillie's closet,and I woke her up way more than I wanted to,because I had to go get my clothes. So,we knew we only had room for 2 dressers,and what better way to add space? As an added bonus,because of the bed/platform,we didn't have to buy a box springs. That saved us a bit of money! So,after further review, with the furniture for a week,I have a few thoughts. The dark furniture is very nice,but gets super dusty. I have a microfiber rag in the top drawer of the nightstand now,and I am wiping it down frequently. Also,the bedspread was a last minute purchase. We already had decor and a rug in there,we wanted something to coordinate so we didn't have to buy all of that new as well. The problem? We didn't have any great options,and went with the red. It's not as bright as the pictures,but it's not really doing it for me. I think something lighter would counter act the darkness of the furniture better. I will live with it for a while longer,and then possibly budget a bit of tax money to get something I like more.
Here's the tall dresser. Erik's clothes are in here. This will be for his military clothing and gear.

Here's my dresser. Yay! One of the drawers is actually empty. The drawers are so spacious.

The bed,notice the drawers at the end. Those are for Erik's civilian clothes. Again, the bedding isn't this bright,but it's too dark for the room. Also,looking at this picture,I think we should have gone with a pattern instead of something solid.

I took a picture of the rug to show you what we were trying to match it with.

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Amanda Willis said...

too funny Lindsay...we have almost the exact same furniture and the exact same bedding! We love it, but we don't have white walls in our bedroom, they are like a sandtone color and it all works well together. hope you enjoy it!

Amanda Willis