Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Pics!

A little late,but better than never!

Our time with Erik is coming to an end,and we have had such a wonderful time. Hopefully,I can return to regular posting once he leaves. For now,here's the whole she-bang of the girls' birthday party. Per Julianna's request,we had a Strawberry Shortcake theme! Strawberry Shortcake has a little sister named Apple Dumpling,so it worked out perfectly for a dual party. To be honest,I really enjoyed the joint party. It was just so nice to get it out of the way,and I'm not sure I could do this twice in one year! The girls and our guests had a great time,it was totally worth it!

Jules made this picture and bedazzled it for the front door!
She also made this one and added some jewels. I thought it was such a cute touch.

Here are the goody-bags!

A close up,I ordered these from Etsy. Because of the uniqueness of the theme,I had to browse around to find what I was looking for.

The sign!

Gifts. I wish I could say this was all,but this is only from us and the grandparents. Blessed little girls!

My sweetie girls in their party dresses! They have on SSC bows that I ordered.

With mommy. :)

The food,and let me say,it was good! It was quickly gobbled up.

The cake. It's a strawberry,although I'm sure you could tell. The cupcakes were SO good,I had 2!
My big girl with the guests of honor- Strawberry,Pupcake and Custard.

Waiting at the door for their friends. They were holding hands. :*)

Friends!!!!!!! Most of the party was spent just playing. I didn't plan games or activities. Trashing the house was plenty of fun.

Then we got busy opening the gifts...

And opening them....

and..well,you get it.

These little girls got so many great gifts!

Of course,once that was over,it was time for cake. The main event!

Jules blew out the candles for both of them!

Tillie was very unsure about what this thing was we put on her plate. Daddy put a little icing on her tongue,and....

You can see for yourself how that turned out. :) The girl loves her sweets!
All in all,it turned out wonderfully. I am so thankful Erik was here to spend the day with the girls (and help me get ready). I must be a glutton for punishment,because I'm already thinking about next year,and what our theme might be! hehe. ;)

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