Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WI Week 10

Hello friends!

This week has been full of up and downs for me on the weight loss front! It seemed like every day I was fluctuating 2 or more pounds. Weird. Anyway,I was able to pull out the week at 183.6! Very happy with that. For October,I'm still hoping to break the 180 mark,even if it's just 179.9 haha! As of now,I've lost 14.2 pounds,and though I'd rather be closer to the 20 pound mark,I am happy with how far I've come.

So,this week coming up I am hoping to lose 1.2 pounds,a feasible goal,I think. I want to see 182,and break that 15 pound point! I am still working out,doing a run/walk combo,and trying to push my running up a bit.

Now that I am 10 weeks in,I am feeling more comfortable with the calorie restriction. I'm not following Weight Watchers anymore,I'm just counting my calories,which is about the same amount of work. I was trying to stay around 1500,but it actually ends up being around 1400 most days. I try to eat the most during breakfast (which ends up being at 10am),and then a snack around 1:00,dinner around 6:00 and a snack about 8:00. So,I really eat 2 meals,2 snacks,and it seems to be working. I still drink my one soda in the morning,Sprite,and then water for the rest of the day.

Just for comparison sakes,this is the best I could find!

June -201.5


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DAD said...

HEY LIN . . I ll have to MEASURE YOU UP!! HA HA . . NEVER GIVE UP!!!