Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 month update!

So,it's been 3 months since Erik left! Actually,a little more,but I'm always a little behind,so let's just go with 3. Our calendar was really busy in September,and that helped the time go by quickly. October is moving equally as fast,so I have no doubt we'll be ringing in month 4 before we know it.

Erik should be coming home in January for his mid-tour,and so we have about 3 months to get to that mark. I am SO excited for that,and I just can't wait for Julianna to see him,and realize that he really IS coming home. Even if he only gets to stay for a few weeks,we are going to make every single day worth it.

The girls are doing well. Matilda is trying really hard to stand up! The other day,I looked down from my chair,and there she was,standing up,holding onto the table just grinning at me. I looked down quickly,because she's so short I couldn't tell if she was standing or on her knees- haha! She was indeed standing up,and once she got a taste of the good life,she is even more determined to walk. Crawling is for the birds,this girl just wants to run after her sister. She is such a sweet baby girl,just grins all day long,even with no teeth! Baby dentures for Christmas,anyone? Julianna is doing well,too,although I can say without a doubt this deployment has been way hard for her. She misses Erik so much,and it just breaks my heart when she comes up to me and says "we're so sad for daddy". Just today,at the park,she was playing with another little girl,and the mom called out and said,'come on,let's go,daddy's home,don't you want to go see him?' I kid you not,Julianna FLEW off her swing and said,SURE,I wanna see my daddy!She went running off to the car. Oh,I nearly buckled. It is only by God's grace that I was able to maintain myself enough to tell her it wasn't her daddy,but the other little girl who was going to see her daddy. Just thinking about it now nearly sends me into a weep-fest. Her shoulders sagged a bit,but she is so strong and brave,and was off on her next adventure within moments. It's just really hard sometimes.

Ad for me,I am doing great! God is really working in my life right now,and I can see his faithfulness on a daily basis. I am so thankful that He is helping me not only survive through this deployment,but thrive! I am trying to be a "Mary" and spend time each day at His feet, in prayer for what He has in store for me! Daily,I am humbled by His goodness. :) Going to church has been good for me,but getting into Bible study and being in that small group setting has been great for me. I am learning so much about God and how to life to glorify Him in everything that I do. I hope I can share a bit more about how he is changing me,and the amazing things He is doing on my life. Soon!

That's all for me!

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