Monday, September 27, 2010

This is how we...

learn our letters,learn our letters,learn our letters!

So,we've been working really hard at learning letters here. I'm thinking I should give a cute name to our "school" so I can refer to it. Any ideas? Ok,so back to the letters. We are on the road to reading,and the first and second steps are learning upper and lower case letters. Then,we will make the sound associations,and start putting words together. To learn uppercase letters,we went through flashcards (Dollar Tree),and I would put them all out on the floor and Julianna would run and pick up the ones she knew and yell out the letter. It took about a month of diligently working on those flashcards,but she picked it right up. Now,we are working on lowercase,and they are a bit tougher for her. One of the things I've done was to print off these flashcards:

And then,I lay out the "big" letter flashcards ( we call them big and little letters) on the floor.

I give Julianna one little letter and we say what it is,and then put it on top of the corresponding big letter.

She thinks it's a fun game,and is learning a lot in the process.

Stay tuned for more letter fun!..

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