Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A new take on an old Playroom!

I changed things up in the playroom a little bit. There was a futon in there,and I think I mentioned it before,but I sat on it,and it broke. Yikes. It's not totally useless,though,although it was taking up a lot of unnecessary room in the playroom. So,I decided to move it. Why? Really,I should have waited a week and let my step-dad help me,but I am Ms. Independent,and so I did it myself. THIS is just one of 4 little things that happened because I had to drag the stupid thing through the house. (I am sore!)

Erik is going to be SO mad. We'll probably have to pay for it when we move out. Oops.
So,I moved it into Tillie's room,because her room is insanely large,and we didn't have much in there. To be honest though,we will probably just put it out on the curb when Erik comes home,because it's not getting used.

For now,it's fine in there,though. And it does free up quite a lot of room in the playroom. I moved the furniture around a few weeks ago,added some new posters,and got a new rug!

And here's a great way to post art on the walls without having to put a ton of tape on the walls. Also,I happen to think this looks neat,and that's just how I like things. ;)

So,I just bought a poster board from Dollar Tree,and a pack of borders (1.50 total),and then taped the border onto the poster board and the board onto the wall. I just tape her work and crafts right onto it,and I should be able to pull them off and re-use it for a while before it needs to be replaced.

Cute idea! And Julianna loves having her work on her wall. :)

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