Thursday, August 19, 2010

WW W2 Update

Ok,onto week 2 of this weight loss journey! It was a bit of a rough week,and I fell off the wagon once twice. The first time was on Saturday. We went to a birthday party,and the treat table looked tooooo good to pass up! I tried to limit myself,but I couldn't count my points on everything I ate,so that day was kind of out. Sunday was a total and complete FAIL. I keep a food diary,and I just had to write FAIL for that day hahah! There was a pancake and cheeseburger wouldn't have been bad,but together it was a bad combo! So,I just got it back together for Monday and Tuesday,so I could do a weigh in on Wednesday. I wasn't expecting much,and I didn't dissapoint lol. Less than a pound,boo!

Starting Weight: 197.8
W1: 194.8
W2: 194.0 (-0.8)

Goals: So,this week,I did exercise outside of my walk 3 times. I did the Leslie Sansone walk at home,2 days I did the 2 mile,and 1 day I did the 3 mile. I also finished up the last of the Pepsi,and now am weaning off the caffeine and drinking Sprite. (BAD headadche)

For next week,my goal is to stay on point for 7 days,exercise 4 days of the week,and not have any caffeinated drinks!

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Mom said...

I'm there with you girl. They had pizza at work today. I was good. I ate my Atkins Bar and had some cashews. Just not as good as pizza.
I've got the headache too, but it's from lack of sugar.