Monday, July 26, 2010

Sending a Care Package 101

Here's a little tutorial on how to send a care package overseas.

First,gather your supplies. I usually buy things here and there (Dollar Tree for the cheaper things,Wal-Mart for the things I can't get there.) I label the bag and keep it in the laundry room until it's full.

Second,gather your shipping supplies. You will need 3 things from the Post Office. An APO flat rate box,customs form and address label. The APO flat rate box is a bit different from a regular flat rate box and it costs $12.50 to send.

Then,fill your box with goodies! Squish it/push it/tug it/glue it/roll it,just make it work! (Thanks Tim Gunn)

Then,stuff plastic bags in any leftover space and seal it up.

Fill out the address label and adhere it. I always put it in the top left of the box. Then,fill out your customs form. I see that they have a little sheet on the front that tells you exactly how to fill it out. Once you have finished with the customs form,stick it to the box with a small piece of tape. Once you get to the PO,they will take it off to stamp it and then put it an an envelope. So you don't want to tape it all the way on,just so it doesn't fall off on the way to the PO. Make sure the address label is printed neatly,since that's what will be used to deliver the actual mail!

And no your care package is ready to go to the Post Office!

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