Monday, July 19, 2010

BuSy Week!

I think my daughter has an imaginary friend. At lease,I hope it's an imaginary friend. About a month ago,she was sitting at the table eating lunch,and started looking to her right and talking. I just casually asked her who she was talking to,and she said "oh,I'm just talking to that girl over there." Oh,ok. (Insert quick look to make sure no one was actually there) What's her name, I asked? She turned and looked at the same spot and asked the little girl,to which she replied,"her name is Emily!" Ever since then,Emily pops up at random times. She never goes anywhere with us,or even ventures into the back part of the house. Julianna only "sees" her in the living room/dining room area. Sometimes,she'll just be standing in the kitchen and Emily will appear. She leans down and talks to her like she's a baby. Julianna asked her what her number was (this is how she asks how old someone is),and Emily told her 1. There's been a few other instances where she's been hanging out here,and Julie talks to her/plays with her. Interesting. I don't remember ever having an imaginary friend as a child. We'll have to see how this plays out.

Speaking of Julianna, Erik's been gone for 2 weeks,and she is doing really well. We talk about daddy every single day. She has certain things that she repeats,like "do you remember where daddy went,daddy went to 'ghanistan!" And the few times he's called,she got to talk for a minute. I can tell she misses him a lot,she is very attached to her daddy doll,and she sleeps with him. That is HUGE for her,only very special dolls make it into her bed to sleep with. We pray for daddy every night,and she doesn't even need me to help her anymore. Watching her put her little hands together and ask Jesus for daddy's safety makes my heart ache just a little bit. She has her moments,where she tests me,but I am staying very firm and consistent on her routine.

Erik is still heading to his destination,which I have no idea where it's at,or what it's called. He's been in a dead zone for a few days so we haven't talked to him. I'm hoping that he will get to his "home" soon. I know he's ready to get set up,and see what he's going to be doing.

We have a very busy week here,so blog posts might be sporadic. Tomorrow,I have an appt with dermatology the next town over to get a mole removed (again). It popped up when I was pregnant,and I had it taken off once,but it came right back. Because of it's suspicious nature they referred me off post to have it removed again and pathology will examine it. Wednesday is pool day,Thursday I am having the furniture cleaned (STOKED about this!!!),and Friday I have to take Austin to the vet. We also have to get boxes from the PO,pack them and get sent to Erik and Miss Julie. Add in the library,grocery store,and the other normal to-do things,and we will be stayin' busy. I am really hoping that the school will call soon with a spot for Julianna. It would make my life so much easier if I only had to haul one kid around with me when I ran errands!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay,
My son had his imaginary friends when he was young. Don't worry they do grow out of it and then have all their real friends hanging out! Curious about your Daddy Doll. Is it the one that you put a picture in?

Lindsay said...

We got our daddy dolls from this website:
Our unit provided us with free ones that you put the picture in,but I splurged on these because I know my girls will put a lot of wear and tear on them!

DAD said...

Lin,I know you're doing a great job.Just keep doing what you've been doing,and you'll keep gettin what you been gettin . . .In this case THATS A REAL POSITIVE!!