Monday, June 14, 2010

Home Again..

Just poppin' in with a little update on the Williams' fam!

After a looong month in North Carolina,we are back in Kentucky again. I am actually glad to be home this time. Normally,I am mourning family and friends for a few weeks after we get back. However,with Julie being older and Tillie added to the mix,this time it was pretty hectic. I really didn't enjoy myself as much as I usually do. The constant driving,all the money spent,eating out way too much (my gut still hurts!),it all adds up after a while. Not to mention,this time there was Erik's impending deployment and trying to fit in seeing everyone before we came back home. I'm hoping I can find the will to do this again in October,but I'm going to take a long,hard look at the schedule and try to make it less stressful for all involved.

We are trying to transition Tillie to her crib. She's been in her pack-n-play longer than I anticipated. Right now,we have her in the p-n-p next to her crib,and I'm going to give her about a week before I put her in the crib for naps,and then go to the crib full time. While we were home,her sleeping habits went from bad to worse. While she was once sleeping a 4 hour stretch at night,she went to waking up every hour. It was frustrating. I gave her cereal to fill her up a little more at night,but not it seems I jumped the gun,and it wasn't necessary after all. I had hoped to delay solids,but for now,we'll just take it day by day to see what her needs are.

For now,we are just trying to enjoy our last few weeks together,and then a whole new ballgame will begin!

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Gigi said...

Well, I enjoyed you being home. I hope you come back in October.