Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet Ms. Tilly

Hi! My name is..Matilda
Most people call me..Tilly
I am..3 weeks old
I weigh..almost 7 pounds
I am.. 19 inches long
My hair is..strawberry blonde
My eyes (mommy is hoping they might change to green?)
My favorite activities include..eating and being held
I love it when..mommy rocks and sings to me
I do not like it when..mommy tries to put me down and do other things
Like my big sister..I enjoy being swaddled tightly to sleep
Unlike my sister..I am awake and alert for long periods of the day my favorite piece of baby gear my least favorite piece of baby gear
My favorite place to be the sling on mommy's chest
One thing that instantly calms me down is.. water running
One thing that instantly upsets me is..getting strapped into my carseat
I look mommy more than my daddy,but it's still to be determined who I really resemble
I am..a sweet,adorable little cuddlebug and everyone in my family loves me very much! :)

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