Saturday, January 2, 2010

9 months pregnant!

It's been a while since a pregnancy update,so I thought I should get to it....

I have so much I want to write,but to tell you the truth,I am tired. Very tired. I should have tried to write this first thing in the morning,when I'm not in pain,but I'm pretty sure I was doing laundry..or dishes..or taking care of the kid. So,where was I? Oh yes,I am 9 months pregnant! Wow. I am vacillating between sheer terror and excitement. I can't believe we're about to be a family of 4 (ok,5..can't forget Austin). I am so excited to meet this little girl,and see how she fits into our family. The pregnancy continues to progress perfectly! :) My BP is good,I've kept my weight down (as best I could),and the baby is growing everyday. So,now we just wait to see when she decides to have a birthday! As for me,I am TRYING to enjoy these last few weeks of what is probably my last pregnancy. I love feeling her move,and it's nice being this huge and pregnant because people are so accommodating and kind. You can blame nearly anything on being pregnant and get away with it LOL! Otherwise,I'm uncomfortable. My stomach is HUGE,and I am constantly running into things. I don't even want to admit the number of times I've ran into Julianna and knocked her down because I can't see past my stomach haha! I am so congested,have constant heartburn,my back is killing me,restless leg syndrome keeps me up at night,that is if I can actually sleep a whole hour without having to get up and pee. So,yeah,it's not really fun anymore,but I'm trying to enjoy it. My next appt. is Thursday,and the doctor may or may not check to see if anything is going on. Not much longer now! Oh,and we still don't have a name for her,but Erik and I are getting serious about picking something. Have I said that before?..Yeah,I thought so.

Here's a picture from Christmas day,a repeat if you're on Facebook.

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