Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leavin' Behind 2009..

Wow,I can't believe it's time to usher in 2010,and leave 2009 behind!

This year has been a busy one for the Williams' Family.

January found us in North Carolina,visting with family. Erik had been in Iraq for 8 months,and he came home for mid-tour leave. We were hoping he would make it in time for Julianna's 2nd birthday,but he made it the day after. Julianna and I were so excited to see him and spend 2 weeks together. We even got some snow while he was home! Julianna had her 2nd birthday,which went considerably better than her 1st (LOL)!

We were supposed to go home in February,but we decided to stay a little longer. Afterall,what was waiting for us in Kentucky,besides an empty house? Erik was back in Iraq,with 2.5 months to go,and we were really enjoying being with family.

In March,we really had to go home! We needed to get everything ready for Erik. We were extremely surprised to find that a pipe had burst while we were gone,and damaged pretty much everything in our house (mold). Luckily,my mom (and step-dad) had come with us,and we spent the week frantically trashing moldy items,taking pictures,taking inventory,dealing with the insurance company,and buying replacement items we couldn't live without. Luckily,we got everything cleaned up,and the insurance reimbursed us for everything we lost.

The first week of April brought Erik home from his 2nd tour in Iraq. Praise God! We spent the first few weeks of his homecoming trying to get used to being a family again. Julianna had some adjusting to do,having daddy home was a big change for her.

In May,one of my life long dreams came true,when we took a family trip to Disney World!!!!!! It was simply amazing,a time I will never forget! We had a blast,and we are hoping to go back again in a few years. To add to our excitement,we brought home a little souvenir from Disney! I know we shouldn't have been,but we were surprised to be expecting. :)

June was a very low key month for us. We stayed around the house a lot during that month. One,because I was very sick in the beginning of my pregnancy. Two,because we were potty training Julianna. Hey,I didn't want 2 kids in diapers!

In July,Julianna made another big change when she moved out of her crib and into a big girl twin bed!! She looked sooooo tiny in that big old bed,but she had a very easy transition,and loved her new bed so much. We spent most of our days/evenings outdoors,soaking up the sun,only coming in to eat and rest.

August was sweltering here,but we still spent a ton of time outside with our neighbors,playing in the pool/sprinkler,and eating popsicles! I finally stopped feeling sick all of the time,and we were in the 2nd trimester.

In September,we took a trip down to North Carolina. Erik was only able to come for a 4 day weekend,and Julianna and I stayed on through the end of the month..While he was home,we were able to celebrate his 29th birthday since we weren't going to be together on his actual birthday.

Julianna and I spent the month of October in North Carolina visiting,while Erik went to BNCOC (school). It worked out really well for him to do the school while we were gone,so he could concentrate. J and I had a blast in North Carolina,visiting with family,and also going to the fair,museum,pumpkin patch,etc. We came home at the end of October,and Erik took Julianna trick or treating for the first time!

November was another low-key month for us,having a small Thanksgiving at our house,and putting up our Christmas decorations!

Wow,and here we are at December,the last month of the year! This month was spent doing a lot of nesting and preparing for our new daughter. We also enjoyed a lot of family time,and introduced new Christmas traditions to Julianna. It was a wonderful Christmas,full of love and happiness!

Overall,this has been a fabulous year for us! I know I forgot a few things while reviewing our year,but we ended this year happy,healthy and together,and that is enough for me! Can't wait to see what 2010 brings to us!!!

Happy New Year!

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