Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Ramblings from Yours Truly!

* Christmas is only 14 days away! Can you believe it? Time is flying for me. I am completely done with everything,thank goodness,so now I am just enjoying the sights and sounds of this holiday season.

* Erik and I have an anniversary in 2 days. We were married December 13th,2003,and we'll be celebrating 6 years of wedded bliss (or something like that)on Sunday. Amazingly enough,this will be our 1st anniversary spent together. Every other year,we've been apart for some reason or another,so this is kind of nice! We'll be keeping it low key this year,which is a-ok with me. I am just proud to say that we have weathered many storms through our marriage,and by the Grace of God,we are stronger than ever. Not only do I love my husband with my all my heart,I actually like him and enjoy spending time with him. :)

* Erik is still very busy at work. He was supposed to have the day off today,but it got canceled. Booo! His feet are healing from his 12 mile road march,but we still have to wrap them daily. He has a case of runner's toe,which is truly disgusting. It's when the friction from running/marching/walking creates friction between the toenail and nail bed,and blood vessels burst,leave the toenail black. There's nothing you can do about it,except wait for the toenail to grow out and fall off. He's also still battling a chest cold type of thing. Him and Julianna seem to be passing it back and forth. I want SO bad to open the windows and let the house air out a little bit,but it's still slightly below freezing here,so I can't.

* My sweet little Julianna is getting closer to 3 every day. For her party,we're just going to have her neighborhood friends over for pizza and cake. She tells me every day that she is so excited for a baby girl,and she actually asks to watch the Baby Story lol. She loves seeing the little babies being born. I think she is going to be such a good big sister. I have to check and see what hospital policy is going to be when I deliver. As far as I know,no one under 18 can visit L&D because of the swine flu. That hurts my heart SO bad. I don't know what I am going to do being away from Julianna for a few days and not being able to have her come visit. :*( I can't even think about it.

* Baby sister is doing great! I am heading toward 34 weeks,and actually feeling wonderful. Of course,my sleep is very broken because of bathroom trips/legs falling asleep/being uncomfortable. I also have a bit of a hard time standing up for extended periods of time,but all things considered, I feel good. I have a check up next week,so we'll see how big the doctor thinks she is going to be. I would guess she's already bigger right now than Julianna when she was born LOL. She still doesn't have a solid name. Just when I think we've agreed to something,I find something wrong with it,and have to start over again. Erik's less than helpful,as you know,because he says no to everything. Also,he's sick of talking about it,so he tried to ignore me when I talk about it. I really hope we can come up with something soon. I was going to take a list to the hospital,but I'm afraid I might make a split second decision after she's born,and then regret it.

* On our agenda for this weekend is breakfast at Cracker Barrel,a visit with Santa, and going to target to pick up Julianna's birthday present. We also might drive down to the river and walk around to look at the lights.

New 34 week belly picture next week,along with appointment update! It's getting close.

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