Thursday, December 17, 2009

34 weeks!

I had my 34 week appointment this morning. Another short and great appt.,which I love. My BP was fantastic,I've lost 2 pounds since my last visit ( I think my total gain is 9-10 pounds total). The baby's heartrate was 153,and she is still head down. I took my 34 week picture this morning before I left,and I'll put it below with the 32 week for comparison. At my 30 week visit,I was measuring 32,and this time,I measured 33 weeks,so I think the growth has slowed down a bit. I'm still expecting a pork chop baby,though. My next appt. is the day after Julianna's 3rd b-day. I'll be having a Group B Strep test,which I didn't have last time. Hopefully,it will be negative so I won't have to be treated with antibiotics during labor.

34 weeks-I wore the same outfit for comparison.

32 weeks

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