Saturday, December 5, 2009

Double Strollers...

Getting a double stroller is the biggest purchase we have to make during this pregnancy. Easy enough,right? WRONG. You would not believe how many choices there are when it comes to doubles. First,you have to choose: side-by-side or front-to-back. Both have their pros and cons. The front-back ones are often heavy and harder to maneuver. The side by side ones are wide and hard to fit through doorways. Also,if you want an infant seat to fit in it,you have to find one that has a bar on one seat that will hold the infant,and you specific type of carseat. Plus,you have to check the actual weight of the stroller,to see if you'll be able to lug it around,and then make sure the weight limit on the seats goes up as high as you want them to. Do you need it for everyday walking or running? Will you mostly be using it in the mall or the Zoo? Whew! are you tired yet,because I am! I have spent a few hours looking at consumer reports and stroller boards,trying to find out the best fit for our family.

1)Chicco combi twin. I like the look of this one,and it is extremely lightweight. It also fits an infant carseat on one side (but only a chicco),and it folds up nicely. however,reports say that when two different weight children are in it,the frame can become messed up. Also,the front bar would mean I would have to pick up Julianna and put her in,and she's getting a tad big for that.

2) Kolcraft contours options. I really like this one,because of it's flexibility! You can put an infant seat in the back,you can also lay the back seat down flat for the baby. The two seats can face each other,both face you,both face out,or you can take one off if you just need to lug around one kid. This one is also reasonably priced. My only concern is how easy it is to fold and unfold. I would like to test drive one of these.

3)Babytrend sit and stand.I like this one because it will fit an infant seat,and there is a spot on the back for the older child to sit or stand. It makes me a little nervous because I don't know if Julianna can be trusted to stay on the stroller,but if we buy one with a full seat,I fear we might not get much use out of it,since she will be 3 when the baby's born.

Those are my 3 options,and I'm trying to find somewhere I can test some out. We'll have to go to Nashville because there is nowhere here that has double strollers.

I'll update when we decide!


Anonymous said...

Here are some Baby Trend Sit and Stand reviews and the moms don't seem to have too many problems keeping the older kids on the platform but as always YMMV.

Susan said...

I have been doing my research as well on the double strollers! I liked the kolcraft one when i was searching online and then went to BRU and actually saw it and tried folding it up and everything. It was pretty heavy to me and was still pretty big when folded up. I'm leaning towards the side by side, I tried out the Combi one in BRU and was pretty light and folded up nicely, and seemed easy to manuever, but then like the chicco one you have to get their brand carseat to attach to the stroller, and since i have a perfectly good Graco carseat, i hate to get another one just for a stroller. My sister just had a baby in Oct. and also has a 2 year old and they bought the sit and stand, and my niece loves it and they haven't had problems with her leaving the stroller. I know that when my niece goes out with me and Abby and I have Abby in the stroller, she likes to help push the stroller. So maybe Julianna will want to help push baby sister in the stroller if she didn't want to sit or stand on the back. I'm also considering waiting on getting one, and get a nice moby wrap or sling and wear the new baby and have Abby in the stroller that we have now and see how that goes? Good luck and let me know if you find something! - Susan