Sunday, December 6, 2009

32 weeks!

Finally took my 32 week picture this morning. This last week has been awful. Just awful. I would like to just forget it ever happened lol. I am optimistic for a better week. I think Erik has a 3 day weekend coming up,and we are going to see Santa in Nashville!!

Also,I just want to say my little baby girl will be 3 in exactly 1 month. :(

Here's some randomness in the picture department.

Julianna on T-giving playing with her Santa's workshop!

Erik and his turkey,he was so proud lol.

T-giving feast! :D

Julianna helping me make cookies. Her job was to unwrap the hershey kisses for peanut butter kiss cookies.

And.......32w5d pregnant. H-U-G-E!

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