Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As an Army wife,you would think that I would have this "hurry up and wait" thing under control. After all,I spend most of my time waiting on something,but I'm still a slightly impatient person,and like to have answers now. We're working on it,but here's some things I'm waiting on now:

-Waiting to find out what we're having,so I can start shopping!
-Waiting to find out when Erik is going to school for a month (BNCOC).
-Waiting to find out why we are moving down on the housing list instead of up.
-Waiting to see if we will even be able to move before this baby comes.
-Waiting to get some extra money so I can have my furniture cleaned.
-Waiting for that 2nd trimester burst of energy to start.
-Waiting to see if Julianna will grow out of this phase where she falls flat on her face for no reason at all.
-Waiting for September so I can go home (for a month)!!
-Waiting to see if Erik will call and make Austin a vet appt. for his leg wound and yucky ear.
-Waiting to pay off my car so we can free up some extra money every month.
-Waiting to see if Erik will go to housing and get the filter and paint I asked him to pick up.
-Waiting for Christmas (just thinking about it makes me happy) :)!
-Waiting for some inspiration as to what to do for Christmas gifts.
and of course...
Still waiting for the dishes to put themselves away,the laundry to fold itself,and the car to go get gas on its own. haha!

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