Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I had my 2nd OB appt. today at the hospital. This one went much better than the last one. I really liked the doctor,unfortunately she's due with her own baby next month,so I don't know how long I get to see her. My blood pressure was great,I've lost 9 pounds,and best of all,we got to see our teeny weeny mcbeanie!!!!!!! It was sooooo sweet,even at almost 10 weeks the baby was very well developed. We saw the head,arm and leg nubs,and a beautiful beating heart. I am so happy,it made the terrible physical by the student I had worth it. :/ Note to self: saying yes to having a student perform your physical could leave you in pain for hours afterward. They gave me a new due date of January 30th. It did set me back a few days,which is hard when you're pregnant,you only want to move forward,but we are just so so so thankful there is a healthy growing baby!!!