Sunday, July 5, 2009

Checking In.

I did really well on the blogging front last week,but seem to have hit a front this week. I am sick. still. again. And I am so sick of being sick. I keep thinking,this is going to end any day now,and then,it doesn't. Sigh. I really was not expecting to feel so miserable this pregnancy. I am praying that I am in my final days of this!

Today,Erik went to Nashville and bought a boat. He's been looking for quite some time,and finally found a decent priced older boat for sale. Now,even though I told him he was buying this boat as-is,and we were not going to spend any money "improving" it,make your guess as to how long it will be before he "needs" something for it.

We went over to his SSG.'s house for 4th of July. I felt terrible,but sucked it up because Erik loves fireworks,and they had so many to set off. He had a little to much to drink,so I was even surprised he made it to Nashville this morning.

Other than that,not much going on here. We're not moving up very far in the housing list,in fact,we seem to have moved down. ??? Not sure what's going on there,the longer this takes,the less I want to move.

I hope everyone has a great start to the week!

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