Saturday, June 20, 2009


*Will be updating this as I think of things*
Because this is our 2nd baby,and we have a lot of stuff,I wanted to start working on a list of things I would like/need for this 2nd babe. I don't think we'll get a baby shower,so we need to make a list and ration things out that we need to buy,a little each paycheck. This list is to help ME stay organized!

We have:
Infant carseat
Bouncer (may need new one,need to check condition)
Gender neutral clothes (I've been collecting for a while)
Activity center
High Chair

We need/want:
Phil & Teds Stroller- If you haven't seen these,they are SO cool!

They are the same width as a single stroller,so no problem going through doors and such. The baby and toddler can sit interchangeably in the front & back. This is definitely on my list of things to get! Julianna still sits in the stroller everywhere we go,I insist on it,so I think she will still need a seat when baby comes.

Angelcare baby monitor. If you haven't seen this before,you put the pad (shown in picture) underneath where the baby will sleep and an alarm will sound if baby moves off it,or if baby stops breathing. I think they had just come out with these when Anna was born,so we didn't get one,but I think we need one this time. Why? Because we are not really "co-sleepers". When Julianna came home,we put her in a bassinet in out room,and that lasted about....2 days. She was such a noisy sleeper,but that's just it,she was asleep. However,every time she made a noise,we jumped up,turned the light on,ran to her crib only to find her staring back at us like WHAT? I was trying to sleep,turn the light off! Haha. So she got moved into her own room and crib very quickly. I think we'll do the same thing this time,and this monitor would make me feel so much more secure about the baby being in her own room.

Swaddle me blankets! These are pretty self explanatory,Julianna needed to be swaddled to sleep for almost 2 years LOL. So these will make it easier if we have another swaddler.

Sling! I love to sling my babies,and I definitely want a Maya Wrap this time.

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