Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Thursday.

Well,no time for chit-chat tonight.

I had my first OB appointment today. I was really excited for this apt.,hoping that I would get to hear a heartbeat. But,I didn't get to see anything. I was weighed. I went to the lab and gave 8 vials of blood. I turned in my paperwork about my medical history,and that was that. The nurse is supposed to call me tomorrow about a dating ultrasound.The doctor on call wanted me to do another beta HCG,and then make a guess based on that. Oh,please. For her sake,I hope she gets me an apt. Apparently,a lot of doctors are on vacation,so they don't have a lot of apt.'s available. I'm just irritated about the whole thing. It was a serious waste of time. I could have just gone to the lab,given blood,and gone home. My next scheduled apt. is July 1st for a physical. This is not a good start for me,but I'm going to be positive (for now).

We had to take Julianna to the doctor yesterday. She has a UTI. Apparently, they are pretty common in little girls who have recently potty trained. I feel really bad that I didn't figure it our sooner. My poor little girl was in a lot of pain! She got some antibiotics and already seems to be doing better. She went to school today while we were at the apt. and had a lot of fun.

Erik's on another 4 days weekend starting tomorrow,and we don't have much planned for this weekend. It's already insanely hot here,so our outside times are already being limited to early morning or late evening. I'm sure we'll find something or the other to do. :)

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