Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Post full of Pictures!

I've been holding onto a bunch of pictures until I can make one big post,and here it is!

First up,Erik caught a box turtle at the creek behind our house,and brought it home for Julianna to see. It wouldn't come out of the shell (probably because you-know-who was screaming),so we put it in some water trying to make it come out. It never did.

Erik and the 'tuttle'.

Filling up a cooler with water to put the turtle in.
Here's some pictures of a rainy afternoon at our house! Julianna is playing with her dollhouse.

Erik is looking on the computer for a boat. A daily occurence.

And me,taking pictures,playing dollhouse,and listening to Erik talk about boats.

Next up,here are some pictures of our garden we've been faithfully working on. The front of the house was pretty plain so we made some improvements.

Here's Anna hanging out outside in her cute apple dress.

Here's the left side,we put up a picket fence,trimmed the bushes,and covered the rest in mulch. Erik also planted a few flowers in there.

Just a side view.

The little flower garden to the right. Erik planted some pink and white flowers here,and covered the rest in mulch. This was covered in rocks,and he backed his truck up to this so he could put all the rocks in the back of his truck,and drive it down to the wood line.

Here's a picture of I took from our bedroom window of the neighbor helping Erik pull his truck out of the woods. LOL!

A view from the sidewalk.

Here's Erik welcome home sign. It came from buildasign. I was super impressed with hose nice it turned out. Cheesin' for the camera.
Playing in the bathtub,daddy gave her a mohawk.

Here's Anna in a gymboree dress from 2008 line Petite Mademoiselle. Soo cute!
The best picture I could get with the sweater on.

Hope you enjoyed our pics! :)

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