Monday, April 20, 2009

A little of this and that.


Here's something that happened this morning:

Anna-Momma,wan call gigi now?
Me- No,gigi's at work,you can call her later.
A- No momma,call gigi NOW!
Me- Uhh,well,how about let's call her later?
A-Momma,you wan panking?
Me-What did you say?
A-You wan PANKING?
Me-No,I don't want a spanking! What in the world is wrong with you?
In the end,she spanked me anyway. :(
I was kind of in shock,but then I had to stand behind the laundry room door and laugh for a minute.

Here's what else happened this morning:

Erik decided to back his truck up against the front of the house,and clear out the little square in front of the house. It had rocks in it,and he wanted to plant some flowers there. So,he said he was "going to make short work of it" and load the rocks into the back of his truck and back it into the woods behind out house and dump it. No,we don't have a wheelbarrow in case you were wondering. :/ So,he goes out there and fills the back of the truck up with rocks and then backs it up to the wood line to dump it. It's not 5 minutes later that he comes in the house and gets his "550" cord. Hmh,uhm,Erik what's going on out there? "Well,see, my truck was so heavy with all the rocks,and then I got stuck down there." Greeeeeeeeat. So,he called a few of his friends with trucks,but no one answered,so he had to go make friends with our neighbor and ask him to pull him out. Yeah,tore up the side of my yard,but he did get my garden finished,and it looks nice. I'll try to get some pics up this week of all the things we've done outside.

Other than that,we have been hanging out together as a family,and it's been great. Things have been going so much better than I ever thought. God is so good.

Oh,and we took Julianna for her 2yr appt. on Friday and she is 25 lbs,and 33 inches. They measured her at 35 inches,but we knew that wasn't right,and so we came home and measured her at 33. still a shrimp. She got some shots,I let Erik handle that part,and she screamed like a ban-shee,until they gave her a lollipop,and then she was OK. She was a bit under the weather for a few days,her poor little legs all bruised,but I think she's OK now. :)

Next up,pictures of Erik's truck incident,Julianna being cute,and the yard.

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