Sunday, March 29, 2009

A rambling type of post.

This is going to be a ramble-y type of post,I don't have any clear thoughts about which to write.

-I really hate when I read a book,and regret it. Usually,I can glean something from the books I read,but Emperors Children was beyond stupid. No plot,no point,and I'm mad for staying up way to late last night to finish it. Hoping against hope,that it might surprise me and have,say, a climax. No such luck.

-I just recently realized that the On Demand Channel has a section of free movies,so after Anna goes to bed on Saturday night,I've been browsing through them,looking for something to watch. These are older movies,but there are some real gems in there. Last week,I watched Dying Young (Julia Roberts),and last night I watched a Sundance movie called My life without Me.
All I can say is OMG..Amazing. The main character (seen below),is 23,and finds out she has only months to live. The movie is absolutely sensational,thought-provoking,and miserably sad. I cried throughout the entire movie,the credits,as I was walking to the bathroom to wash my face,while I brushed my teeth,and then I laid in bed reading the stupid book (see above),crying all the while. I'm not even a crying type of person.
My life without me Pictures, Images and Photos

- Erik will be home in like 10ish days or something. They are doing this re-deployment totally different than last time. This time,you get a voicemail recording that gives you a number,and then you have to type this number in on a website,to find out what flight your soldier will be on. I'm sure this relieves some of the pressure off of the Rear-D (the peeps that stay behind). I had a welcome home sign made for him,and it came in the mail this week. Turned out awesome. I really want to get the house decorated nicely,because depending on what time he comes in,I might not be able to go to the ceremony. I know,I know,that's terrible,but last time he came home,I left the house at 10:30 at night,and got home at 5:30 in the morning. I'm not sure I see myself doing that with a 2 yr. old. Let's cross our fingers that he comes home at a reasonable time. And no,you can't just leave whenever you want. It's not like you can just go out there,say welcome home,and then drive on back to your house to wait. It doesn't work like that,once you're there,you're stuck. We'll see.

-Our Disney trip is planned,paid for,and the tickets have been bought. We're psyched!

- I cut my hair yesterday. I cut about 2 inches off. It looks fine,since I know you're wondering. I really can't see myself trying to take Julianna to the hair salon,and expecting her to wait while I get my hair cut. Whilst I was at it,I trimmed her hair,too. It also looks fine.

-Um,we did OK with our getting up earlier plan this week. It sorta fell apart on Saturday,when we crawled out of bed at 1:00. There wasn't anything to do anyway. We had thunderstorms,hail storms,and numerous tornado warning. Next week,we're going to try to be up around 10 every day. Stop laughing.

-Now,I'm going to make dinner. I think we're having hot dogs and french fries. Try,just try,to contain your jealousy.

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