Monday, March 23, 2009

I have a ...


You know it! So,ya'll know that Anna and I are night owls. We think when the clock hits 12,it's party time. And then,we can't seem to wake up before noon.
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However,we're going to Disney in about 6 weeks,and we are going to have to get up earrrrrly to get to the parks first thing. Plus,during Summer,it would be good if we could get out and about before it gets to hot,and then do naps during the hottest part of the day. Good idea,right? So,my plan is to set my alarm 5 minutes earlier each day,and go to bed 5 minutes earlier at night. Over time,it will make a difference. ( I think...I hope)

I payed for the rest of our Disney trip,so we are definitely going. Woo! I had to call and make dinner reservations. I am SO glad I bought a guidebook about the ins-and-outs of Disney,because I would have never known you couldn't just walk up to a restaurant and be seated for dinner.

A huge unit of soldiers just came home from Iraq,and it is so exciting to see all the welcome home signs on houses,cars,etc. My neighbor,whom my house is connected to,is welcoming home her soldier tomorrow. It is getting real,Erik will be home in just a few weeks. I think this year went by really fast,but they do as you get older,don't they?

Thank goodness for kids to help keep you young!

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