Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kinda Foggy

Just had to go through the ole blog and clean it up a little bit. I never really sent the link to my family,since I was there with them all the time. Now,they'll want to keep up with us here,so I want to make sure everything was family-friendly. If you read here regularly at all,you know sometimes it's not,so I had to delete a few posts. Don't worry though,it was nothing important.

The environmental agency on post came by today to clean the duct system,vents,and fog the house with a disinfectant to make sure there is no mold growing anywhere. They said everything looks good,so I'm relieved. We had to leave the house for an hour after they fogged,so we went to the pharmacy to pick up some refills. The wait time was a short 56 minutes. Really. Then we went to the library and got some books. When we got back,there was a slight smell,but nothing to bad. We'll try to keep the windows open for a while tomorrow.

My insurance agent handling our claim is out of town until Monday,so we're still waiting to hear from her.

PS- Spring,are you there? Can you hear me? I hope you didn't decide to jump ship or anything so Summer could move in early. I really enjoy your breezy,sunny days. Don't leave us hanging!

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