Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Oops,I missed out on Wordless Wednesday. You know,since I've been keeping up with it oh so well.

If I were to have a picture,it would be of two precious little girls (the littler one actually being the older one) playing with a dollhouse,making the 'mommies' kiss each other. Yep,that's right.We don't discriminate. My dear friend Doria had a death in the family,and so she brought her little one over today for some playtime with Anna. Little A is 20 months old,and she's a bit bigger than Anna,who's 25 months old. Anyway,they had SO much fun playing together today. At one point,I thought to myself,I really missed the boat. I should have had another kid 9 months after Anna,and they would have been able to play together so well. It was really great,and I didn't find it was anymore work,really. Instead of making 1 bowl of cereal,I made 2. Instead of 1 juice cup,I made 2. Changed 2 diapers...wiped 2 get it,I'm sure. Easy peasy. What's that you say? Oh,the nap,well,I did have to get up at 8:50 this morning,and that's kind of early for me,so I really needed that rest time. Hahah! The fact that Little A and Anna tried to gang up on me a few times had nothing to do with it. I was just a little tried,that's all.
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Notes to Self:

* Get on Birth Control ASAP.
*Stock up on condoms. Don't have sex.
* Bow down to mothers with 2 under 3.
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Jessica said...

Yay for mommies with 2 under 2! hahah that sounds terrible doesn't it. eeek! my life is a wreck! but my girls are so much fun! :)