Monday, January 5, 2009


So,we had a wonderful Christmas. We started off the morning looking at what Santa left behind for Little J,and then we headed over to my dads house for brunch and presents. After that,we came over to my moms and Julianna took a nap while we opened a few gifts and got dinner prepared. After we ate,we finished opening gifts,and then did stockings. I think everyone had a good time,and got the things they wanted. We also managed to fit in a few games of UNO. Of course LOL! ;) It was just a good day all around!

Little J watching her 'aunties' open presents.

Justin,Dad,and Elcin talking to Little J.

Little J's new tent!

As soon as she saw those toys,she said OH YOOK,toys!!! She was so much fun this year.

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