Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just thankful.

That's how I feel at the end of this weekend. And, there was nothing spectacular or amazing about what we did or didn't do with our time, but we were together, and I fell in love with my life a little more.

We were heading out to dinner tonight (more on that in a minute), and listening to Nina's CD from AWANAs. If your church has this program, get on it. And if your church doesn't, I would say find one that does, and GO. It's so awesome. I am so thankful for the faithful teachers at our church who have helped us raise our children in the truth by teaching them at AWANAs. So, we were listening to the story about the thankful leper.

Cliff notes: Luke 17:11-19. So, there were these 10 lepers hanging out on the road just chillin'. They couldn't really do anything else,because leprosy was a serious disease (you know,scabs and sores and oozing,yeah) ,and no one but other lepers would associate with them. All the sudden,they see Jesus coming down the road, and well, what do they have to lose? So,they start yelling out to him to have mercy on them. Jesus, ever merciful, told them to go show themselves to the priests. Well,the priests were the ones who diagnosed people with leprosy in the first place,so those instructions could have been viewed as a little weird, but they went anyway. And,on the way, their bodies healed completely of the sores! Go Jesus. So,one of them, realizing that he has been healed, comes back to Jesus to thank him. Right? I mean, your whole life has just shifted, and you no longer have to walk down the streets screaming leper so other people can move away. That's something to be thankful about. But Jesus was like, um, weren't there ten of you...? Where are the other 9? Where'd they run off to?

And that story kind of stuck in my gall. Because that's not the only time in the Bible where God values thankfulness. Heh. Tra la la...Well, for the sake of all authenticity, I can find something to complain about anytime,anyplace, get the idea.  Not one of my finer character traits, but you know, I haven't arrived yet.

And that is SO not pleasing to God. Think about the Israelite people who God led out of slavery, on a journey to the promised land. Except,they ended up wandering in the desert for 40 years because they couldn't shut their fat traps and quit complaining to the Lord about everything. Oops.

And this has been a recurring theme in my walk with the Lord over the past 2 years. I learn my lesson, then I foul it up again, then I repent, then I ... again and again. And when I am serious with myself, there are SO SO SO many things to be thankful for,I couldn't even name them all. And I'm really trying so hard to see that, acknowledge those things,and just name them out loud. And I realize that the more I give thanks, the more things I find to give thanks about. Whoa. Because if there's a cycle I want to get more into, it's naming my blessings one by one. When I have an attitude of finding the good in everything, then all of the sudden my basket is overflowing with bounty. The opposite is true,too. I get to choose. And I do like to have a little control, so that works out just fine with me.

So,this weekend (highlights),we spent some family time together on Friday night,and we were able to be a blessing to someone in need. And we ate burgers at Five Guys - which could end this whole thing right now,but I will press on. And on Saturday, I made my presentation poster for the Buddy Walk, which brought up so many warm fuzzy memories of the first year we went and Pacey was just a dream in our hearts. And I bought groceries for the week. And there was money in my account to pay for them. Whoa. And I put them in my reliable vehicle and drove them to my home. Where my husband and 3 precious children were waiting for me. And I got to hug and kiss their sweet little heads,fresh and sweet from their bath. BECAUSE WE HAVE CLEAN,RUNNING WATER. Have mercy. And on Sunday we went to church together. And we have the freedom to do that. And we took naps (Amen). And we got to have dinner with an amazing momma who is just 10 weeks home with her 2 little boys from Ukraine. And I got to be a small part of their story. And they just happened to be in town (they live in another state),and we met up. And I got to squeeze them both! And help feed one a bottle. And whisper prayers over their little heads.

I ended the evening with my heart just bursting from gratitude. I took the dog outside and I was praying and thanking the Lord for all of this,and I looked up in the sky,and the most beautiful stars were twinkling in the sky right above me.

It's just too much sometimes,when you start noticing it all. There are so many blessings raining down on us, all we need is fresh eyes to see.

Isaiah 40:26 -  Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of them by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

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